Troll Fixer


Judge is a well-respected fixer in Seattle, though perceptions of him tend to cause people to misjudge him. He is a large African-American troll, who is usually seen in pinstripe suits. Rumours about the fixer are varied: associated with the mob, ex-corporate, rich kid turned criminal…

He has done due diligence to eradicate his past to keep the rumour mill turning, but he remains well spoken and well connected. There doesn’t appear to be any organization that has an issue with him, though that may be merely playing ball to gain access to the runners he has at his disposal.

Judge prides himself on his eye for talent and has only been made to regret his choice on a couple of occasions. He will not suffer fools and if a runner is becoming a liability, he will very quickly cut the cord and feed you to the wolves.


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