The Tzar

A well-connected Vory in Seattle


The Tzar is the leader of the Vory segment Drioma belongs to. He is a sullen man, with a thin rough body that has been ravaged by torture and combat. He is relatively new to Seattle, he’s only been in the UCAS for 5 years. His accent is heavy and he is a very traditional Vory. Technology is foreign to him, hence he easily misunderstood Drioma involvement in a failed coup against him. Having forgiven Drioma after he realized his mistake, Drioma is his eyes and ears to the tech world. He has grown fond of the young man in a brotherly way. The Tzar is in his late 30s, not an old man but a hard life has aged him physically and mentally.

Whether he is really Aleksander Bilotkiy, leader of the Seattle Vory or not is a matter of some debate, but when he has the weight to throw behind his words, one does not question…

The Tzar

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