United Canadian and American States

The United Canadian and American States (or UCAS, as it’s commonly called) is what little bit remains of the original ideals of these once powerful countries. When the Treaty of Denver signed most of the Western portions of the United States and Canada back to the Native Americans (save for Seattle, and California), the two countries found themselves economically crippled and opted to band together for their survival.

California voiced their opposition to the plan repeatedly and after enough complaints, they were kicked out of the union. Seeing California and Quebec splintering off, the South separated and the UCAS was in no position to resist the move. Now consisting of the Northeastern US, Eastern Canada, South-Central Ontario and Seattle, the amalgamated nation tried to stand united in the face of corporations and several less than friendly neighbours.

Having a Dragon president for a day (before he was assassinated), an AI getting loose on the stock market and currently being under martial law are all part of what make working in the UCAS an interesting and always changing opportunity.

Major Cities

New York

United Canadian and American States

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