Vory v Zakone

The Vory had their beginnings in the Soviet gulags of Russia with a simple ideal: Honor Amongst Thieves. The tattoos that adorn their bodies are a show of rank, that display their loyalty to the code to other members who know how to interpret the imagery. When the Communist regime fell, they exploited the corruption within the new democracy and divided into two groups: the Vor, the foot soldiers and the Avtoritet, the politicians. Then during the Night of Broken Glass in 2026, the Western Vory, drunk with wealth and greed purged their ranks of those they felt unworthy. The Red Vory have never forgotten the betrayal and the schism still remains to this day.

Rather than the brutal thugs they have the reputation for being, most Vor never spend time in prison and if they do get caught, they run the pipeline of goods in and out of prison, as well as recruiting new members from within.

The Povryejhda Seattle (translates roughly to “broken” or “damaged”) has recently seen a power shift with the rise of Tsar Aleksander Bilotkiy, a former Red Army Special Forces soldier and a die-hard loyalist to the Red Vory. Purging those saw as Western Vory loyalists, he earned the nickname “The Terminator” for his brutal methods, often shipping enemies home in tiny pieces, or making extreme examples out of friends and family.

Well connected and resourceful, the Seattle Vory are centred in Tacoma and aggressively attack anyone they see as a threat to their interests.

Vory v Zakone

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